Offbeat Video

By Becca Husselbee

This mystery woman brightened onlookers’ day as she joined the performance of two street beat boxers.

Passers-by were left cheering and clapping as this OAP joined in on the fun – even beat boxing herself!

Filmed by Matt Cominotto, 19, in Leicester City Centre, it was posted on Twitter with the caption, ‘Oh Leicester I’ve missed you’.

Matt said: “I saw the big crowd, I think she had only just gone over, I don’t think she was part of the act or anything, I think she just wandered over.

“I thought it was lovely, it’s good to see someone really enjoying themselves.”

The old lady can be seen with her walking frame, dancing and throwing some serious shapes, before she is handed the mic on Saturday, outside a Car Phone Warehouse shop.

She relishes the opportunity before ‘whooping’ down the microphone.

Matt said: “Everyone was cheering and clapping and filming it on their phones.”

“The two beat boxers had been there for about an hour before we got there but this old lady just appeared from nowhere.

“She didn’t have a care in the world, I don’t think she wanted to leave.”

“I don’t know who she was but a couple of people replied to my tweet saying they’ve seen her in shops, I think she’s quite well known in Leicester.

“It definitely did brighten up my day.”