By Kim Reader 

Meet the suave moggy who is the ultimate ‘ladies’ man’ – as he permanently looks like he’s wearing a tuxedo thanks to his perfect bow tie-shaped marking.

Bugsy, a black and white tuxedo cat of Brighton, East Sussex, has had a bow-shaped white patch under his nose ever since he was a kitten.

In fact, it was the posh pussycat’s classy markings that instantly caught the eye of his owners Tom Roberts and Sophie Roberts.

And the fancy feline, who is now 15 months old, has developed a character to match his dapper look as he breaks hearts wherever he struts according to 28-year-old Tom.

Business owner Tom said: “Bugsy has had his little bow tie ever since he was a kitten. We were worried as he grew it might change shape but it has stayed so perfectly symmetrical.


“Everyone that meets him, the first thing they notice is his bow tie. He really does look like he’s always wearing a tuxedo.

“People absolutely love it, he’s a hit. We went on holiday last week and we had so many people offering to come over and look after him.

“And he’s a proper ladies’ man. He has got so much sass and he looks so suave in his tux.

“He just struts around, breaking hearts. It’s like he owns the place – he is definitely king of the castle.”

When Bugsy isn’t wooing the ladies, his favourite activities include sitting on the balcony, playing with straws and stealing plastic bags.

While it is events manager Sophie who grew up with cats, it was actually Tom’s idea to buy a kitten and he met some resistance from his girlfriend at first.


Running his digital marketing agency from home, Tom longed for some company but Sophie thought it might be wrong to have a cat in the couple’s third floor apartment.

But when the pair saw Bugsy’s little bow tie they couldn’t resist bringing him home and now they can’t imagine life with the happy and healthy dapper chap.

Tom said: “It was my idea to get a cat. I really wanted some company while I was working at home. Sophie wasn’t too keen on the idea at first because she thought it might be cruel having a house cat.

“But as soon as Sophie set eyes on Bugsy she was sold. He was the last kitten left – nobody wanted him. The lady told us all his brothers and sisters had been snapped up but not him.


“We couldn’t understand why but we were definitely happy about it.

“We were attracted to his bow tie straight away. It was so cute. It was definitely one of the main reasons that drove us to get him.

“And he’s fine as a house cat. We do everything we can to keep him active and the vet always compliments us on how strong and healthy he is. He’s very happy.

“It really is like us getting him was meant to be. We cannot imagine life without him now. He’s like our child.”