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underwater camera

By Laura Dale

Curious bears have been caught looking comical as they flaunt paws and teeth to an underwater camera.

Mikhail Korostelev, 35, from Moscow who works full time as a programmer and also runs an adventure agency, snapped the bears as they fished at the South Kamchatka Sanctuary in Russia.

Pic by Mike Korostelev

The brown bears in the water for salmon managed to show their daft side at the sime time as flashing their huge teeth and paws which make them such dangerous beasts.

Mikhail said:  “This sanctuary is famous for large number of brown bears. Since the hunting was prohibited here and poaching strictly prosecuted the number of brown bears has grown dramatically.

“ The rivers here are full of salmon and the bears have the food till the middle of winter when the rivers are covered with the ice.

Pic by Mike Korostelev 

“I just installed my underwater camera not far from the bank of the river as you can see in the video at a place where we often saw a bear family – an adult female with three cubs.

“It looks like my camera was discovered by one of the cubs and he decided to use it as a toy.

“There was one moment when the cub stood right on the camera so it was my luck that camera has not been damaged.

 Pic by Mike Korostelev 

“But as a result I have a set of funny and interesting shots and with the help of the underwater camera we have an opportunity to see the bear as they fish”