Nature Video
calving glaciers

By Caters News Agency

This incredible footage shows the sheer scale of calving glaciers – a natural occurrence caused by the forward motion of a glacier making the end, or terminus, unstable.

Fascinating to watch, the video shows giant chunks of ice falling from the glacier, crashing into the waters below.

This event, captured at the Columbia Glacier, Columbia Bay, Alaska, USA, was a far larger glacier calve that is usually witnessed in the area, Colleen Stephens, President Stan Stephens Glacier & Wildlife Cruise, said.

Colleen, discussing the August 1 event, said: “Columbia Glacier is in the middle of a massive retreat, so calving is frequent.

“This size of an event is rare to capture or see on a tour – this is much larger than most seen.”

Since the early 1980, when Columbia Glacier began its retreat, the glacier has receded about 13 miles into the Chugach Mountains.

Colleen’s colleague, Ben Tapangco, captured the recent footage.

He said: “Our staff that are on the water daily and visit this glacier daily were in complete awe and amazed.

“It was one of the larger calving events that we have witnessed in a few years.

“Two claim all that they could say is “Wow, wow, wow” as they jumped around.”