Offbeat Video

By David Aspinall 

This caring cat gives her owner some creature comforts every time she starts ‘crying’.

Thoughtful feline Delilah loves her owner Alyssa Patty so much that every time the 16-year-old appears to be in distress, jumps to her aid.

Whenever the teenager falls to the ground and begins wailing, the rescued moggy instantly runs over to Alyssa and climbs on her back.

While stood on her upset owner’s body at home in Terre Haute, Indiana, USA, Delilah then continues to knead away at her until she calms down.

Ashley, Alyssa’s sister, said: “My whole family thinks it’s hilarious and cute.


“We are a bit jealous because Delilah only does this to Alyssa and not the rest of us as they have a special bond.

“She usually carries on the kneading until Alyssa stops crying.

“Since most of the videos were fake crying it wasn’t too long because we would start laughing.

“Even then Delilah would stay close to still make sure Alyssa was ok.”

The family first noticed the bemusing behaviour when Delilah sat outside Alyssa’s bedroom door one day scratching away while her owner was inside crying.

Ashley said: “Alyssa is the one that takes the most care of the cat so she loves her extra.

“When she opened the door Delilah immediately started kneading her until she stops crying.

“So, we started testing it to see if it was a onetime thing or not.

“She is always trying to be sweet and isn’t like most cats.

“She loves pets and cuddles anywhere and everywhere.

“We usually wake up to her kneading us to wake up too.”