Life Video

By Katy Gill

Watch the adorable moment a baby hears its mother’s voice for the first time.

Alison Potts was born with a genetic hearing disorder – Waardenburg syndrome– and unknowingly passed it on to three of her eight children.

The condition is a rare genetic disorder most often characterized by varying degrees of deafness as well as a white forelock of hair, skin pigmentation loss, in some cases cleft lip and pallet and issues with the heart.

Alison’s youngest, Ellianna, who is three-months-old, was one of the children born with the condition and was unable to hear her own mother’s voice.

However, after receiving her first pair of hearing aids, the tot was shocked into silence when her mum started to sooth her.

Alison said: “I only found that I had the genetic disorder when my fourth child, Ryan, was about 18 months old.

“He was not talking and it was suggested to us that he should have his hearing tested and it came came back as a profound loss.

“The audiologist said that we all looked like we carried features of this genetic disorder and after getting a second opinion it was confirmed.

“After finding out that I had passed the condition onto my children I was crushed, but I knew I had to deal with it.

“Some days are harder than others and everyday involves speech lessons.

“Ellianna has just started her journey and as you can see by the video she just received her hearing aids thanks to St Luke’s audiology in Bethlehem PA.

“And even though this is my third time going through this process it still brings me the greatest feeling of joy knowing my baby can now hear my voice.

“I have also received such an outpouring of support and joy when friends, family and even strangers watch the video.”