Animals Video

By Taniya Dutta

This is the terrifying moment a 286 pound crocodile was found nestled under a cot at a house in an Indian village.

The incident happened in early hours of Saturday when Shakuntala Devi in Amreli in Uttar Pradesh heard some strange sounds.

When she woke up to check from where the sound was coming, the mother of two was stunned to find an eight-foot-long crocodile resting near her cot.

Shakuntala screamed in terror, waking up her husband and children and ran out of the house calling neighbours for help.

“It should be around 4 am when I woke up to some strange sounds. I had never heard of that sound and was curious to know what it was. As I switched on the lights I saw this massive crocodile lying under my cot.


“I do not know for how long it was there but I get shivers when I think of it calmly sleeping next to our bed! By God’s grace we are alive,” said Shakuntala.

The enormous reptile had strayed from a pond, some 50 km from the village and is believed to have sneaked into the house at night for warmth.

The sudden uproar by the frightened family woke up other villagers who called the forest department for help.

However, it was not until two hours that a team arrived to rescue the reptile but shockingly they came with steel ropes.

Adarsh Kumar, district forest officer said: “The crocodiles often come out of the habitat whenever the water level rises during monsoon.

“The rescue team entered the house and found the sub adult crocodile resting beneath the bed which was kept in living room.

“The crocodile was calm and didn’t attack anybody initially. However, when rescue team tried to tie it, it became aggressive and attempted to attack the rescue team members.”

After the powerful reptile thrashed around frantically for two hours as men tie its mouth with the steel rope, it was finally rescued and kept in front of the villagers for over an hour before released into its natural habitat.

Luckily, no human was injured during the entire rescue process.