Animals Video

By Katy Gill

This baby elephant is certainly milking it – as the youngster keeps grinning after every sip of milk.

The infant African elephant is clearly enjoying his meal as its mum looks on adoringly and calmly sips water from a pool.

Clearly very appreciative the elephant, believed to be 14 months old, also gives its mum a loving brush on her leg with its trunk.

The sweet scene was filmed by wildlife cameraman Shazaad Kasmani in Tsavo East National Park, Kenya.

Pic by Shazaad Kasmani/Caters News

Shazaad, 38, said: “The baby elephant was suckling from its mum’s teat and it looked like it was smiling after every drop.

“The mother was very relaxed and also drinking water from a small puddle while the little one was having its milk.

“The baby kept closing its eyes and affectionately touching its mum’s leg with its little trunk. The affection the baby displays for its mother is incredible.”