Animals Video

By Luke Kenton

The is the heart-stopping moment an animal rescuer saves a cat by knocking it from the top of a 50ft tree into a net below.

In Cologne, Germany, animal rescuer Stefan Brockling is attending what he presumed to be a routine feline extraction, when suddenly things took a turn for the worst.

Attempting to capture the kitty using a netted pole from a fourth-floor bedroom window, the terrified tomcat flees higher up the towering tree.

Stefan resorts to scaling his way up the branches to only once again see the fugitive feline climb higher, this time to the very top.

Now completely unreachable, Stefan sensationally improvises by throwing a net to spectators below instructing them to catch ‘Casimir’, as with a few swift jabs, the cat is sent safely flying from the tree.

Stefan said: “For the first time, I was really nervous during a rescue.

“Not for my own safety but for the cat’s sake, it had to be executed perfectly.

“I knew that every and any mistake I made could be the end for the animal.

“The cat had been stranded up the tree for over 48 hours, and the fire brigade told the owners they weren’t able to help.

“The owners were so desperate they tried to rescue him themselves, but failed.

“It seemed like an impossible rescue at times, the cat was so terrified that anytime anyone or thing went near it, it would flee higher up.

“Thankfully everything went perfectly, the people on the ground promised me they’d catch him and they didn’t let me down.

“Casimir has now been returned to his owners and has completely recovered.”