Offbeat Video

By Luke Kenton

This hilarious grandma-to-be just can’t get her head around this ‘bun in the oven’ pregnancy reveal riddle, mistaking it for brioche.

Rummaging around the kitchen cupboards in Rockhampton, Australia, Robyn Brown has been sent on a treasure hunt by her daughter, Natalie Stanton.

After finding a bun placed in the oven, the 53-year-old is left perplexed by its significance and asks why she’s been given brioche.

Attempting to help her mum over the line, Natalie tries to get her to say, ‘hamburger bun’, Robyn instead reverts to ‘roll’, cueing laughter from those around her.

Following several agonizing moments, finally the penny drops, and as the words ‘bun in the oven’ fall from her mouth, Robyn erupts with joy.

Natalie said: “I was relieved that she finally got it, there was a point where I thought she never would.

“We’d just come back from a cruise and I think the reason she got so confused is that she thought the surprise was us bringing her back perfume from the duty-free.

“I knew mum can be a bit gullible, so I wasn’t expecting her to get it right away, but she took much longer than I ever could’ve thought.

“I couldn’t have scripted the scenario better if I tried, it was so funny.

“We’re all very excited, this is our first grandchild and my mum’s first grandchild.

“Eight pregnancy tests later, we’re officially starting our family, we just can’t wait.”