Offbeat Video

By Alex Matthews

This careless traveller almost got himself in a real spot of HOVER.

The unknown man was caught on a dashcam gliding down the street towards a set of red lights.

Wearing headphones and holding a tablet, he appears not to notice the lights as he zooms straight through and narrowly avoids crashing into a van making a left turn.

Strangely, he then waits on the other side of the road until the lights turn green before carrying on along the road.

The footage was captured by Michael Scott, 33, a photojournalist from Birmingham.

Pic by Michael Scott/Caters News 

Michael said: “I was driving to work and I noticed a figure floating along in the distance. It took me a brief second or two to realise he was going along on a hoverboard.

“The man was wearing headphones but no helmet and travelling around 15mph.

“He approached a junction with two blind bends but he didn’t slow down. I stopped at a red light but he carried on through regardless.

“As he passed the lights, a silver van pulled out and if the guy had been a few seconds ahead of himself he could have been seriously injured.

“He then randomly stopped at the other side of the road as the lights were on red. It looked to me like he was staring at a tablet until they went green and he continued on his way.

“I think he was trying to multi-task, but looking at an iPad while listening to music and travelling over 10mph on a road towards a red light on a hover board isn’t at all sensible.”

The Crown Prosecution Service has previously stated that self-balancing scooters, including hoverboards, are not legal for road use.