By Kim Reader

This incredible snap appears to show FLYING CAR soaring off into the sunset – as a cloud took on the perfect shape of a real-life Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

David Roy, 52, took the incredible shot while photographing the sunset over the stables where his wife Maggie Roy, 55, horse rides near Lichfield, Staffs, last week (AUG 4).

While he didn’t notice it at the time, as soon as he got home and uploaded the photos to his computer David spotted the distinct shape – a dark cloud that looks just like a ‘1950s Cadillac’.


Standing out against the setting sun, the solo grey formation is complete with four wheels, windows and the iconic Cadillac tailfins.

Optometrist David said: “You get beautiful sunsets around the stables and that evening the sunset was amazing and so were the clouds.

“I was just snapping away taking photos and I didn’t even notice that particular cloud at first but I did as soon as I got home. It looks exactly like a flying car, it reminded me of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

“It’s incredible, it’s not just the outline but you can see all four wheels. On closer inspection I’d say it looks just like a 1950s Cadillac.

“I showed it to everyone in one of my photography groups for a laugh and everyone has spotted how much it looks like a car right away.

“Someone mentioned the flying car from Harry Potter too but I’ve not seen that yet. I’ll have to have a look.


“I’ve had such a great response to it. Everyone that has seen it is just amazed, they are really taken aback by how much it looks like a car flying off into the sunset.

“The car shape stands out even more because it is the one dark cloud against the sun’s rays. People seem to have really enjoyed it and it’s so nice to give people a good laugh.”

Spending plenty of time out at the stables with mum-of-two Maggie, allows David to explore his passion for cloud watching.

David first started cloud gazing as a child as he always dreamed of growing up to be a meteorologist.

But now David combines his love of clouds and photography to give himself a creative outlet as a form of ‘escapism’ from his very scientific job.

David said: “I have always loved clouds and cloud watching. When I was little I dreamed of being a meteorologist.

“I ended up going into the other side of the sciences but my job now has given me an eye for detail that I think helps when I’m looking at the clouds.

“I’m very observant and I like being able to look up at the sky and see all those little details. It gives me that creative outlet that everyone needs.

“My job is so fact-based that watching the clouds lets me explore my creativity – it’s escapism for me.”