By Sophie Norris

This cheery zebra appeared to be singing in the rain in a bid to cheer up its miserable-looking pals during the Great Migration – doing such a good job a rainbow appeared overhead.

Although the majority of the zebra seemed ‘annoyed’ by the weather, one in particular was caught on camera appearing as if it was smiling and singing as a rainbow emerges.


Ingo Gerlach, from Betzdorf, Germany, was visiting Masai Mara in Kenya with a friend, when he spent more than two hours trying to photograph the dazzle of zebras in the nature reserve.

Struggling to keep his camera dry, Ingo eventually managed to get the perfect shot of a vibrant young zebra appearing to sing a tune for its friends.

Ingo, 64, said: “The zebra on its own shows a lot of personality through its facial expressions, although the others seemed to be annoyed by the bad weather.

“The one on its own seemed to be singing in the rain to cheer up its friends, but zebras do sound a bit like donkeys and I can’t imagine they’d have good singing voices – so I’m not sure how it brought out the rainbow.


“But the zebra’s face really made me laugh – he looks just like he’s singing and having a great time.

“This dazzle was part of the great migration. This sees more than 2,000,000 zebra and wildebeest migrating across Tanzania’s Serengeti and Kenya’s Maasai Mara.

“They’d stopped on that spot too, just as we had, to let the rain pass over, before they carried on with their journey. Many don’t make it as they are hunted by crocodiles as they travel through the Mara river.

“We had spent the day out on safari with our guide and driver when we came across dozens of the zebras.


“It was extremely wet and the water was coming down in bucket loads during the storm. We were forced to take a break just like them.

“I was very quiet and tried to keep my cameras dry. I always only briefly open the window, take pictures and close it quickly.

“I tend to spend most of my time in Europe and Kenya. I’ve photographed leopards, elephants, crocodiles, bears.

“Photography is my favourite past-time and I’ve been doing it for more than 40 years now.”