By Hayley Pugh 

Check out the horn on this! A petrolhead has jumped on the unicorn craze transforming a classic Ford Mustang into a mythical motor.

The 1968 Mustang Coupe was given the unique makeover by a skilled team of five – fronted by London-based mechanic Darren Sullivan Vince.

 Pic Darren Sullivan Vince from Caters News 

The blue and white car was given a psychedelic rainbow spray job complete with a detailed unicorn portrait on the front.

The team then added sparkly pink and silver wings to the back before fixing a giant sequined horn on the bonnet.

Even the iconic mustang grill badge didn’t escape modification with wings and a horn being added to the classic pony emblem and lettering on the rear rearranged to spell out ‘unicorn’.

 Pic from Richard Boll / Caters News 

The mythical motor, which also has fluffy purple seats on the inside, took 30 days to complete and was created as part of an eBay initiative to mark Pride 2017.

The car was recently sold on the site for £15,100 after receiving 19 bids from avid unicorn fans.

 Pic from Darren Sullivan Vince / Caters News 

The money raised from the sale is set to go to the Albert Kennedy Trust – a charity which supports homeless young people from the LBGT community.