Amazing Life

By Christina Wood

A self-proclaimed ‘princess’ who routinely moaned to her hubby about the size of her engagement ring was left red-faced – when he made a ring with a real ROCK on it.

Katherine Vernon, 26, came home on Tuesday to be told by hubby Ben, 26, he had finally got her ‘the ring she had been asking for’ along with chocolates and red roses.

However the ring turned out to be a ordinary stone weighing 221g – the equivalent of 1,105carat – held to a steel ring for her finger to go through by an elaborate metal contraption that welder Ben crafted at work.


While the hairdresser, who has a rose gold square cut ring from when Ben proposed on a holiday to Cuba in 2014, saw the funny side, she admits she would have ‘killed him’ if he had done the prank before actually proposing.

Katherine, from Rutland, in East Midlands, said: “He completely took the mickey out of me. He came home with the rock because he thinks he’s hilarious.


“I told him I wanted ‘a rock’ for an engagement ring and he came home and presented me with this ring he made me at work.

“When I came home he had already left out the red roses, he said ‘so you know that you’ve always wanted your big rock?’

“I thought ‘oh my god, what has he done?’ It was hidden behind his back. He seemed really proud of himself but I think he was nervous as to how I would react.


“He’s such an idiot. He asked if I liked it. I told him it was wonderful and said thank you. We laughed and then I took the photo.

“He surprises me so much. So many people know what he’s like and always say ‘oh my god, what is that lad on?’

“I may have killed him if he gave me this before he gave me my actual engagement ring a few years ago.”

The couple, who have been together for more than six years, got engaged in 2014 after Katherine had been ‘nagging’ him to propose for years and got married in July last year.

Katherine said: “He’s a welder and he came home with the rock that I’ve always wanted.


“I’m a bit of a princess. My style is quite big, hence the ginormous rock.

“I had to show everyone because it is just the funniest thing.

“My friend got engaged on the same day and uploaded a picture of her ring. I felt so bad I had to apologise to her but she just laughed and said ‘your ring is bigger than mine’.

“The craftsmanship is original. It took him a whole five minutes. It’s nice to know I was in his thoughts for the whole of five minutes but at least he cleaned it first.

“He’s just a bit nuts. Life is never dull. I think I’m going to display it so I can always look at my massive rock.

“For years I had been nagging for him to propose. He did it in 2014 and we got married in July last year.

“He is always doing silly things like this. He is a bit of a joker. He drives me insane. You never know what he is going to do next. He is really extravagant.”