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By Ben Walley

A Golden Labrador scared of the stairs has been caught sliding down them paws first in an adorable video clip.

Amber Kennealy, 25, from Clinton Township, Michigan, has filmed her pooch, Ace, attempting the stairs at her home.

At just 14 weeks old, he is still figuring out the world around him and struggled to understand the stairs.

In an adorable series of cute clips, Ace wobbles across the steep stairs with his paws sliding down first.

Pic from Amber Kennealy / Caters News

Amber, a primary school teacher, said: “Ace refused to go down the stairs the first week we got him, so I would carry him

“He was so nervous and scared of the stair but once he got a little more courage he started to slide down them.

“He was a bit clumsy the next few weeks going down but he is getting the hang of it!

“He runs down them now but sometimes he’s lazy so he still slides down the stairs!

“Ace is super silly and playful. He loves swimming and water in general.

“If he hears the shower turn on, he comes running!”