Offbeat Video

By Jack Williams

A stunned woman has stumbled across a 65-million-year-old triceratops jaw bone while exploring in rural America.

Adventurous Alison Teal said that she tripped over the rare bone completely by accident; her shocked reaction was later captured on film.


Alison was exploring the remote area near the Lance Formation, Wyoming, USA, last month, and was accompanied by Jack Tenney, a YouTube influencer, and Dr. Marcus Eriksen, the co-founder of the 5 Gyres Institute, a non-profit looking to empower action against plastic pollution.

After tripping over the bone, Alison and her team worked tirelessly to excavate it from the dirt.

It was only later, Alison said, once the bone had been removed, that she and Dr. Eriksen were able to determine that the bone once made up the jaw of a triceratops.

Hawaii native Alison, a strong conservationist who is passionate about raising awareness of ocean pollution, said that she hopes her discovery will bring about further discussion about how real extinction is.


More specifically, she and Dr. Eriksen point towards the Holocene extinction – also know as the sixth extinction – an ongoing extinction event, mainly caused by human activity.

Alison said: “After hours of excavation, I tripped over what I thought was a rock and it turned out to be a 65 -million-year-old triceratops jaw bone.

“Digging up dinosaurs was a shocking reality check that extinction is real, and if we don’t make changes in our daily lives, we too can become just another rock layer in history.

“We can’t wait until the government passes laws; it’s time to act together as homes, communities, villages, cities, across the earth, to change our daily life routines and cultivate a sustainable lifestyle.”

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