By Mike Jones 

It’s behind you! A shark has been spotted lurking beneath an oblivious surfer who almost becomes lunch.

Tim Driman was taking photos of surfers in action across Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa, on July 16.

Pic by Tim Driman/Caters News

But it wasn’t until Tim, a wildlife and action photographer, was uploading his images on his computer that he noticed the shadow in the wave.

He believes it’s a shark as there’s no other explanation for the dark rounded share –  and a huge shark had been spotted in the area.

Tim said: “I know the ocean and have spent many years diving, spearfishing, fishing and surfing, and know what sharks look like above and below the water.

Pic by Tim Driman/Caters News

“Personally, I think the shadow is too big, too round and hovering in such a way that it can’t be human.

“My suspicions are even more founded after the public appearance of that shark a day or so later.

“This sequence was captured on July 16 while I was covering the World Surfing League at Supertubes point break.

“The surfer has not seen the photos, and blissfully unaware of what he had just passed!”