Offbeat Video

By Jack Williams

This heart-stopping video offers a first person perspective from a rafter who nearly drowned.

After falling from his raft in the Wenatchee River, Washington, USA, Tommi Thor became caught in the rapids, unable to swim to the shore.

For more than three minutes, fearful Tommi’s GoPro captured how he gasped for breath and simply tried to stay above the surface of the water.

Fortunately, Tommi said, his instructor had advised that if he were to fall into the water, he should lie on his back, feet facing forward, and not try to swim.

While trying to stay afloat, Tommi also hit a large boulder, which also knocked the wind out of him.

Having followed the instructor’s advice, the Rekyjavik, Iceland, resident eventually floated his way to another raft, whose crew then pulled him inside.

The entire experience – filmed on June 21, 2017 – was extremely exhausting, Tommi, 26, said.

He added: “I followed the instructions and tried to stay calm.

“But as I was getting hit by wave after wave and I could barely breath – that’s where I started to think I might actually drown.

“It’s a scary feeling that I have not had many times before and hope to not have them happen to me again in the future.”

He said: “I am glad that I captured the whole thing on my GoPro.

“Luckily, two rafts had parked further below and one of them picked me up.”