Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe 

This horde is enough to make you duck and cover.

Jayne Waring was out for a walk and trying to feed some robins when she was charged down by 30 hungry ducks.

The cute avian army appeared almost out of nowhere and stood around Jayne’s feet, demanding more biscuits.

Jayne filmed her encounter at The Old Brickworks in Longton, Lancashire.

The 50-year-old pest control worker said: “Originally I went with a friend, Anne Flynn, to feed robins. They are very tame and you can hand feed them.

“One or two ducks then appeared and we initially gave them a little bit to eat.

“However, all of a sudden more than 30 ducks appeared. We were feeding them crushed biscuits and we could not believe how quickly they had all appeared.

“After the ducks eventually settled down we moved further down the path, and watch as they all huddled together with full tummies.”