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By Ben Walley

A married couple decided to leave the cliches and replicate Napoleon Dynamite for their first dance.

For every couple, after they’ve got past the ceremony and vowed to stay with their spouse for the rest of their life, the first dance is the next hardest part.

Nervous about slipping over, standing on the bride’s dress or just embarrassing themselves – it’s the hardest dance of their life.

Unless, like this couple, you decide to leave the cliches behind and mimic NapoleonDynamite instead.

Pic From Caters News

Setting up to have a romantic first dance, the couple seem surprised when the beginning of ‘Canned Heat’ by Jamiroquai kicks in.

But, as to not disappoint each other, they go along with it.

Pic From Caters News

Until they suddenly burst out with a full-blown choreographed routine, replicating the scene where Napoleon Dynamite embarrassingly dances to the same track.

Nathan and Rebecca Fast kept the secret from most of their family, creating a hilarious surprise for all of their guests.


And luckily they received a better response from the crowd, than Napoleon did himself.

Nathan said: “It was Rebecca’s idea, we wanted to do something fun and since we don’t really have “a son”, we decided to do this song from Napoleon Dynamite.

“Rebecca was the ring leader, she learned it from the movie and taught it to me in many, many parts.

“We rehearsed for months to get it perfect.

Pic From Caters News

“Only a few people knew, Rebecca’s mum and sister did, and so did our daughters.

“Everyone loved it, we had a great crowd reaction, which was awesome!”