Animals Video

By Becca Husselbee 

This is the amazing rare footage of the Electric Flame Scallop and its mesmerising light show.

The footage was taken by 59-year-old, Business design consultant, Atsushi Sadaki, from Tokyo, Japan, after a diving trip to the Raja Ampat Islands, in Indonesia, in December 2016.

The species creates electricity which can be seen shooting across its body like lightning bolts and can reach up to three inches in length.

The rare fish was sat in the crevice of a rock when Atsushi caught sight of it.

He said: “They are rare and difficult to find because they live in gaps between the rocks and coral reefs.”

Atsushi has been diving for 20 years as a hobby and has completed over a thousand dives but has never seen this type of fish before.

He said: “I wasn’t scared, they are not poisonous to humans.”