By Jamie Smith

It’s a case of jackal and HIDE for this unlucky animal – as a jackal was caught on camera desperately trying – and failing – to catch his dinner.

Pic by Johan Barnard/Caters News

The jackal can be seen running around, chasing the birds that he hopes are for dinner.

But after several attempts, and dives aplenty, the jackal goes home empty handed.

Lucky birds!

Johan Barnard captured these images at Polenstwa Waterhole in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

Pic by Johan Barnard/Caters News

Johan said: “The jackal is trying to catch the doves in the early morning who are coming to quench their thirst.

“These photos were taken with a lot of patience, I was very aware of the jackal‘s movements and had to make sure I was ready and positioned correctly.

“You’ve got to know your camera settings, and enjoy the effort of the jackal trying to catch it’s breakfast.”