By Luke Johnston

Just branding yourself with a smiley face isn’t fooling anyone!

Pic from Souvik Basu / Caters News

This cobra can be seen dawning a smiley face, seemingly imprinted on its skin.

However, it’s only when its back is turned that you can see him smiling at you.

This picture was taken in Cooch Behar by Souvik Basu.

Pic from Souvik Basu / Caters News

Souvik said: “This picture was taken in a misty morning, where I saw this cobra in our home place.

“The Indian cobra is the most venomous snake, but it is safe if you maintain your distance to take the photo.

“This is the original skin, they have two circular ocelli patterns on the rear of their hoods.

“These patterns seem to be connected by a curved line, giving the look of spectacles – this is why the snake is also known as the spectacled Cobra of India.”