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baby yak

By David Aspinall

This is the adorable moment a baby yak and her nine-year-old owner share a tasty taco together.

Reminiscent of the famous Lady and the Tramp scene Gabriela Ferrell and her pet yak Taube enjoy the Mexican snack at the same time.

While mum Lisa filmed the inseparable pair on their ranch in Durango, Colorado, USA, cheeky Taube took the opportunity to chomp down on Gabriela’s meal.

With the hungry duo biting down on two opposite ends, the taco is quickly devoured with the majority ending up in the hungry yak’s gob.


Lisa said: “I was surprised when Taube started eating the taco as beans, cheese and tortillas aren’t a part of their usual diet.

“Yak’s are very curious animals so it wasn’t a shock she was interested in Gabriela’s food.

“This wasn’t the first time either, as a couple of days before she had thrust her snout into the same snack and devour it completely.

“In total, my husband and I own approximately 100 yaks.

“This spring we allowed my daughter, Gabriela age 9, to take on the responsibility of raising her own baby yak, which she named Taube.”