Offbeat Video

By Jack Williams

This adventurous couple decided the camp fire was not the best place to make the world’s biggest s’more – so they reverted to using a FLAMETHROWER instead.

Bryce and Nellie Jurgensmeier – known as The Jurgys in social media circles – blasted a huge stream of fire at the giant marshmallow, which Nellie had rustled up in the kitchen days earlier.


Shot on an unnamed private property, and with a professional stuntman present for safety reasons, the couple, both 27, eventually managed to toast the marshmallow to an acceptable standard.

Bryce then placed the marshmallow inside a two large graham cracker sheets, creating a completed s’more for them both to try.

The sweet snack, Bryce said, tasted better than any s’more he’d ever had – though they could only trim off the outer layers because of the chemicals from the flamethrower.

Bryce, who spends his time between Utah and California, said: “While it may look really fun and crazy, we just want to assure any viewer that we had a team behind camera ready and a lot of thought went into this as far as safety measures.

“As much fun as we have being creators and creating adventure every week, we do our best to make sure we’re not known for doing anything without proper preparation and safety.

“We would’ve never used the flamethrower or anything similar without professionals assisting us.”


The couple’s popular YouTube channel has more than 90,000 subscribers, and they a renowned for their adventurous nature and large-scale surprises and stunts.

The idea for this project, Bryce said, came about when his friend Miles, the stuntman, suggested that his production company has access to a flamethrower, something Nellie was dying to try.

While out camping they decided that a giant s’more would be the perfect way to put such apparatus to the test.

Bryce said: “Most people have said it looked super awesome.

“We’ve had quite a few ask for tips on how to create the large s’more, but they admitted they weren’t going to roast with a flamethrower as they didn’t have anyone to help them with that in a safe way.

“Every day we upload something that seeks to inspire families and friends to get out there and create adventure so they have days worth living and bonding experiences.”