By Jack Williams

Ouch! That’s gotta turt.

This gator got quite a surprise when it realized that that a SHELL shocked turtle might be a little tricky to swallow.

The hilarious photograph shows the yellow-bellied slider clasped inside the desperate American Alligator’s jaws, the giant reptile unable to break into its lunch.

It was captured by Ryan Book at Caw Caw County Park, near Charleston, South Carolina, on July 28, 2017.

After snapping the image, Ryan said that he felt guilty leaving the turtle to its fate – however he later learned that the turtle most likely got away, as most gator’s cannot crack through turtles’ hard shells.

Reptile enthusiast Ryan, 29, from Columbus, Ohio, USA, said: “The American Alligator is at the absolute top of my list.

“Alligators of this size eat so infrequently that to be able to see it at least trying to hunt is a rarity, so I was thrilled to get the opportunity to photograph it.

“Once I understood the unlikelihood that the turtle would go down easy, the situation became somewhat comedic and the photo really helps communicate that sense.”

Ryan also points out that, though alligators may appear to scary to some, they are actually quite docile creature, not to be feared.

He said: “If you’re hiking near swamps in the South, don’t get hot and bothered about alligators.

“My wife almost stepped on one…she didn’t get bit, but she ruined a great photo opportunity.”