Animals Video

By Taniya Dutta 

This is the moment firefighters try to use ropes to carefully lower down a 2400 lbs bull from the terrace of a two-storey building in India.

The dramatic rescue unfolded after Ramesh Banjara made frantic calls to local administration and firefighters after finding a bull on the roof of his house.

Ramesh, 52, and his family from Gwalior in central India had gone to a nearby market leaving his daughter-in-law at home.

But when they arrived, the family found a crowd gathered outside their house.


“We panicked when we saw the whole neighbourhood in front of our door.

“We had gone to the market just for few hours leaving our daughter-in-law alone at home and we thought something happened to her. But then we saw a bull on our terrace.

“She told us she was cooking when the animal came charging into our house. As she screamed in fear, the bull panicked and not finding a place to run away, it climbed the steps and ran to the terrace.”

Ramesh then called local Councillor who arranged fire brigade for the rescue of the bull.

For an hour, the firefighters tried to move it and kept prodding but the animal was not ready to budge. When their relentless attempts to bring it down through the stairs went in vain, the men decided to use ropes to lower it from the roof.

Unfortunately, that trick also did not work as the bull was very heavy and it started wriggling. So it had to be pulled up again and given water to calm down.

“We patiently waited for the bull to relax and then we slowly nudged it move. After two hours it finally came down through the stairs on its own,” one of the firefighters said.