Offbeat Video

By Michael Scott 

This slackline fishing ends with a splash after a student topples into the water and loses his catch.

Caleb Beavers, 21, had practiced his slacklining for 18 months before his recent adventure at a creek in Tennessee.

Pic by Caleb Beavers/Caters News

It was a spur of the moment decision on July 27 that led Caleb to attempt fishing while balancing on a piece of rope.

And after 30 minutes of being on the slackline, Caleb caught a trout – but his success was short lived.

Just seconds later, Caleb ended up in the water and even his fish managed to wriggle away to safety.

Caleb, who is studying at University of Colorado, Boulder, said: “I was really hopeful about catching the trout as I could physically see about 20 of them below me in the water.

“I tried for 30 minutes with three different baits before I got the trout, at that point I was just happy to finally be done and that I didn’t have to stand on the line any longer.

“But once I caught the fish I knew I was going to have to get off the slackliner one way or another to unhook it.

Pic by Caleb Beavers/Caters News 


“I tried to walk back a few steps but eventually just fell in the water.

“I would have liked to be able to hold the fish up for the camera, but this was catch and release anyway, so I wasn’t too disappointed when he broke off, just a little sad I couldn’t get the hook off of him.”

Caleb’s dad is featured in the video and can be seen handing him the rod.

He added: “My dad happened to be fishing around me as I was slacklining, so I suggested it and we went for it!”