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breaching whales

Incredible footage from Prince Edward Island, Canada, has captured the moment whales attempt to defy gravity and breach completely out of water.

The video of the playful whales, thought to be minke whales, was captured by Jonny Haddad while on a fishing trip with his brother and uncle.

“We were on our way back to the harbour after a fishing trip,” said Jonny.

Upon noticing a big splash to the right of the boat Jonny’s brother, Danny Haddad, immediately decided to stop the boat to try and figure out what had caused it.


“We quickly concluded it must have just been a whale breaching.”

What happened next though was a pleasant surprise for the brothers.

A pair of whales decided put on quite a show- breaching almost completely out of the water in an apparent attempt to outdo each other.

Footage shows the whales shooting up out of the water in a bizarrely vertical manner.

“We were all stunned to be able to witness it and it was like nothing we had ever seen before.”

Jonny explains the disappointment of not catching any fish was immediately compensated by the joy of seeing whales breach in such a manner.

“We may not have caught any fish but we ended up seeing whales breaching almost completely out of the water.

We couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day.”