Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

These fish were having none of this octopi protest.

An octopus had happily set up home in a broken jar at the bottom of the Egyptian Red Sea.

Pic from Caters News / Vital Bazarov

However, when two spiny fish swam past they decided it would make a nice home.

They continued to hover around and tickle the disgruntled octopus, which eventually decided to swim off.

Professional diving instructor Vital Bazarov filmed the encounter in the Red Sea off the coast of Dahab, Egypt.

Vital said: “It was when I was training divers off the coast of Dahab that we spotted an octopus about 20 metres below the surface.

Pic from Caters News / Vital Bazarov

“The octopus was just sitting in the broken amphora, but they are favourite places for the fish to hang out too.

“The spiny fish looked like they were tickling him and bothering him like flies around cattle.

“It was funny to watch them drive out the octopus, which eventually gave up and swam away.

“It was great to get the video. The Red Sea is one of the best places in the world for an underwater photographer, but normally to get the best shots it’s better to dive alone.”