Video Viral

By Kim Reader

A dad-of-three has captured the spirit of a woman ‘wrongly sentenced to death’ still pleading her innocence centuries later at an old 19th century courthouse.

In the eerie footage, shot at a pub in Altrincham, Greater Manchester, that used to serve as the courthouse for the area a ‘ghostly voice’ can be heard shouting ‘I never’.

Ghost hunter Sean Reynolds, 33, who captured the spine-tingling video, said it is the clearest communication from a spirit he has ever heard.

Sean, of Liverpool, Merseyside, said: “The Old Market Tavern has had many uses throughout time, being used as a bank, a town hall and even a courthouse.

“The landlady has reported many ghostly sightings here and refuses to enter certain parts of the building on her own.

“Paranormal incidents have included things like ghostly footsteps, bangs, even apparitions that have been seen by staff that work at the pub.

“I had been investigating the first floor on my own and had been experiencing explainable knocks and footsteps, as if someone was in the room with me.

“Then as I asked for the spirit to make these noises again, I actually heard as clear as day with my own ears, a ghostly voice reply to me. It was so clear that the spirit was saying ‘I never’.

“I am not sure what they meant. Maybe they were telling me that they never made the noises or it could be the spirit of someone that was sentenced to death, during the period the building was used as a courthouse, still pleading their innocence.

“When I could hear what the ghost said, it made me shiver with excitement and also shock that I had been in direct vocal communication with a spirit – not through any psychic gift but psychically and for everyone to hear with their own ears.

“I was the only person in the area and this voice came from the same area I was in, it had to be a spirit.

“Naturally the first thing we did was try to debunk it and rule out any outside influence but there was no one around to cause any audible interference.

“As a director and host of Ghost Dimension, I encounter paranormal activity all the time but never have I been able to engage and hear a spirits voice so clearly and record it on camera. It is a moment that I will never forget.”

Paranormal investigator Sean and his partner Rebecca Palmer, 34, captured the spirit’s voice while filming for their TV series at the Old Market Tavern.

Pub manager Karen Stevens has only been working at the tavern for a year but in that time has experienced a whole host of ghostly goings on such as lights being turned off and money being thrown off tables one note at a time.

The building was even hit by lightning recently making sceptic Karen, 54, believe that the pub must have a ‘different energy’ about it.

While she could put the odd sounds and sightings down to her mind playing tricks in the past, Karen said Sean and Rebecca’s visit has made it all seem much more real.

Karen said: “What Sean and Rebecca caught on camera is so scary. To think that it could be a spirit from the courthouse is really freaky.

“I don’t really want to find out any more because I’m the one who’s got to lock up on my own at night.

“Before if I used to get a weird feeling in the cellar or hear something I could tell myself I was being silly but since they visited it has given the idea that it could be something else more credibility. They were absolutely brilliant.

“When they were here they got an awful lot of reads on activity. I think they were absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of activity there was.

“I’ve personally had a few experiences. Once the lights randomly switched off and then my phone went onto a strobe effect on its own.

“Then once I was counting some money in the back room and the money started falling off the table but the notes were falling off one by one like they were being thrown and they landed in a perfect circle.

“I called in the girls to show them because I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It is the weirdest thing I have seen in my life.

“Clearly there is energy and then there are different energies. I do believe that this place may have a different energy. That’s all I can really say. It is a building with the most amazing history.”

As producers and co-presenters of Ghost Dimension and The Past Hunters, Sean and Rebecca have a great deal of experience with the paranormal.

Sean’s first encounter with the spirit world was when he was 15 and woke in the middle of the night to the ghost of a ‘big fella’ sat on the end of his bed wearing a lumberjack jacket and stroking his dog.

But the dad didn’t explore the paranormal again until he met Rebecca and the couple now live in a cemetery with their three kids.

Sean said: “It all started when I was 15. I remember waking up and my dog Sam was asleep on the end of my bed and when I moved the cover I could see this guy sat stroking him.

“A big ghostly fella and he was wearing a lumberjack jacket. Being a teenager I just pulled the cover over my head and went back to sleep.

“But when I told my mum the next day, she told me it sounded exactly like someone she knew who had died.

“I never stopped believing but I didn’t get back into exploring the paranormal properly until I met Rebecca.”