Offbeat Video


By Jack Williams

Through incredible balance, logic and hand-eye coordination, this talented magician managed to successfully solve a Rubik’s Cube… WHILE WATER SKIING.

Joey Fratelli, 17, showed off his incredible talent by shooting the trick in first person, adding to the drama of the footage.


In order to complete the trick, Joey passed the Rubik’s Cube between both hands – at times solving it with only one as he used the other to maintain his connection to the speedboat ahead.

After successfully completing the puzzle, letting out a “Yeah!” in celebration, Joey dropped into the water to show the camera the cube with all its sides as solid colours.

He shot the video on Gull Lake, in Nisswa, Minnesota, USA, last month.

Joey, from Omaha, Nebraska, USA, said: “In February, like many high school students, I was daydreaming about the summertime.

“I specifically imagined myself water skiing, and thought about how much fun it would be to water ski in that very instance.

“In that same moment, a Rubik’s Cube was sitting next to me.



“The puzzle immediately merged into my fantasy of water skiing.

“In April, I actually tweeted, ‘I’ve decided that I want to solve a Rubik’s cube while water skiing. This summer. I’m going to do it.’

“Four months later, I did.”

The son of a professional juggler and magician, Nebraska native Joey has gained a lot of experience in performing.

He hopes to perform more Rubik’s Cube tricks in the future, upping the ante from his water skiing video.

Joey said: “The majority of my peers find the video really intriguing.

“In my opinion, a POV clip of water skiing is really interesting to watch on its own.

“When mixed with a Rubik’s Cube, it creates a video that is truly unique.”