Amazing Video

By Richard Ashmore

This is the awesome moment a New Zealand police officer arrested a man on a motorbike by knocking him off with a RUGBY TACKLE.

The All Blacks-like move saw the law man leap out of the passenger side of his police car and launch into the heavily built biker sending him flying.

The biker had been allegedly hurling abuse and breaking glasses outside a pub in Auckland, New Zealand, when the cops arrived to diffuse the situation in typically robust Kiwi style.

Dan Wood, a bartender working at a Kingsland bar, captured the scenes unfolding across the road from him on Wednesday. The footage shows the police officer jumping out of his car and tackling the man off his motorbike outside the Portland Public House.

Dan said: “The biker in the video had been removed from the local Kingsland bar roughly a week earlier. He had been drinking in a pub opposite the bar pictured in the video, then proceeded to terrorise the customers of the bar, smashing windows, glasses and tables.

Pic from Dan Wood/ Caters News 

“He heard the police were on the way and decided to take off – doing a loop around the block before returning to the bar.

“He waited outside yelling and screaming for the bartender before drinking a leftover beer and making for his bike once again – instead this time the police officer valiantly spear tackled him before he could take off, making the arrest on the spot.”

A police spokeswoman said the man was arrested and charged with counts of assault, reckless driving, failing to stop for police and resisting arrest. He was due to appear in court on Thursday, reported.