Video Viral

By Alex Matthews

This is the bizarre moment NINE people climb out of a small hatchback after it was involved in a crash – all caught on CCTV.

Eight occupants of the Honda Civic jumped out and fled after it ploughed into the back of a white Audi, leaving the driver confused.

One of the men quickly runs back to the car to retrieve something from the Civic’s driver side door before suddenly remembering a final friend stuck in the boot.

He quickly darts round the back of the car to release the ninth man, before they race after their friends up the street.

The Audi driver called the police, who removed the abandoned car an hour later.

The crash happened on Friday (July 28) at around 7.20pm on a small residential street in Leicester, lined with terraced houses.

Shyam Sony, who runs Film 9 Production, was on holiday when his friend messaged him to tell him about the smash outside his stop.

He reviewed the CCTV with his brother when he got back home, and was amazed by what he saw.

He said: “I was completely stunned. It’s really surprising when you see them all piling out of the car – they just don’t stop coming.

“The circumstances seem a little suspicious because they all run away, but it’s actually pretty hilarious when you see it.

“The best part is when they almost forget the guy in the boot.

“My brother witnessed the crash at around 7.20pm. He heard a bang and looked out of the office window, but I did not really believe what he said until I saw the footage myself.

“I have no idea why they ran away, but the Audi driver called the police and they removed the car about an hour later.

“They really hit the other car hard.”

People on social media have been equally amused and puzzled by the actions of the Honda’s occupants.

Natalia Ager said: “Omg imagine if there were children in the back of that man’s car, also who leaves their own car and runs off? Who’s the car registered to? Why did no one stop them running or try chase after them or throw something at them?

Craig Smith commented: “A whole new meaning to car sharing.”

Nobody is thought to have been injured in the collision.

Leicestershire Police confirmed they attended the incident but that they had not seen the CCTV footage.