By Charles Wade-Palmer

Stunning life-sized animals carved from beaches provide all the sand castle inspiration you will need this Summer.

Pic from Caters News: Paul Hoggard working on a large elephant sand sculpture.

Professional sand artists husband and wife Paul and Remy Hoggard have gone from beach to beach leaving behind spectacular elephants, horses and even the late gorilla Harambe.

Pic from Caters News: Paul Hoggard works on a sand sculpture of the late gorilla Harambe

Since getting the sand artist bug in 1991 after creating his first sculpture on Baga beach, India, Paul has taken his incredible knack for carving animals out of sand around the world.

Paul said: “Lately we have been entering a lot of sand sculpture competitions and we created a series of big, very lifelike animals. We have won quite some prizes with these sculptures in the last year.

Pic from Caters News: One of Paul and Remy Hoggards completed huge sand sculptures of a mother elephant and its calf.

“I made my first sand sculpture on Baga beach in India and became hooked on sand sculpturing which I’ve been been busy with ever since.”

Paul from Beverley, Yorkshire, joined forces with his now wife Remy from the Netherlands to set up which produces sand sculptures for events all around the world.

Pic from Caters News: Lifelike elephant sculpture

Elephants carved to remarkable detail, a horse, orangutan and Harambe the gorilla who was famously shot when a child entered his enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo are some of the couple’s best work over the last year or so.