Animals Video

By Ben Walley 

What an otter-ly relaxing morning.

This cute otter took to lying on its back as the sun was rising and giving his flippers a quick clean.

Pic from William Drumm / Caters News

As the water gently ripples around it the mammal appears to be floating in serenity.

The otter was spotted by photographer and filmmaker William Drumm, 31, at Moss Bay on the Californian coast.

William, 31, said: “This is a perfect example of a lazy morning in the bay.

Pic from William Drumm / Caters News

“But while these guys can seem cute and cuddly, they can grow up to 100 lbs and are fearsome predators.

“The California coast is my favourite place to travel.

“Monterey Bay has incredible kelp forests, and crazy amounts of biodiversity, thanks to it being located next to the Monterey Canyon, a huge deep sea trench located just offshore.”