Animals Video

By David Aspinall

This is the hilarious moment an eager Labrador swims past holding a huge stick at least five times longer than his body.

Playful pooch Gus couldn’t believe his luck when he spotted a giant log while paddling in Beaver Lake, Arkansas, USA, on July 21.


Excitably staring at owner Hal McCoy, the six-year-old determinedly doggy paddled past the family’s boat with his prized find trailing behind him.

Gliding by the vessel’s engine, the true scale of the stick becomes clear as Gus’ body passes by a full five seconds before the woods end comes into shot.

Hal said: “This is definitely a record size stick for Gus.

“I knew he was coming back from the shore area and bringing a stick, but I did not expect any of that size.

“He had been swimming all day, so I have no idea how he mustered bringing a log all the way to the boat.

“Gus was so proud of himself and eager to show it off but there was no way he could get it on the boat.


“I like to think that he just knows sticks are fun, so clearly, more stick equals more fun.”

Gus, who is a strong swimmer, had already grabbed a few large sticks before claiming his titanic treasure.

Hal said: “Maybe an hour before, he brought another fairly large stick to the boat.

“He managed to get that one on the back of the boat and I tossed it a couple times for him.

“We had to hide that one under another boat so we could relax without Gus swimming over with a log.

“Maybe that is why he went in search of a new one.”