Offbeat Video

By Charles Wade-Palmer

A cyclist who had been repeatedly dive-bombed by a huge bird caught the attacks on camera.

The shocking footage taken by Aidan Williams who cycles almost daily down a country lane as part of his army training, shows a buzzard attacking him twice.

After being attacked several times by the bird Aidan who is based at MOD Stafford decided to pull his phone out to capture the heart-stopping swoop on a nearby road in Sandon.

Aidan said: “I’ve lost count how many times it’s happened, for weeks now it’s been happening and I couldn’t resist capturing the moment on my phone.

“I’ve been doing that ride for four months now and the bird wasn’t going to put me off, if anything I enjoy it.

“To get so up close and personal with a bird of prey like that is unbelievable. It swoops down on me whenever I go past its tree maybe once or twice before I’m out of its target range.

“The first time it was a whoosh something came very close to me, I was like what was that?! When I glanced over to my shoulder  there was a second whoosh and grabbed my jersey and then off it went.

“It probably comes down at me from 25 feet because it sees me as a threat to its nest of chicks.

“I’ve cycled past as a group and it left us alone, it’s only ever when I’m alone.”