Animals Video

By Katy Gill 

Watch as this rare frogfish appears to take a stroll on the sea bed.

The unusual looking creature was found in the waters of Lembeh in Sulawesi, Indonesia, by Atsushi Sadaki, 59.

Pic by Atsushi Sadaki/Caters News

The keen diver caught the determined little fish on camera as it made its way across the sea floor on what appears to be its feet.

Over the past 20 years Atsushi, a business design consultant, has been on over 1,000 dives in locations around the world.

He said: “Even though frogfish are rare I have seen them before, but I have never seen them walk in this way.

“I was amazed at the night diving in Lembeh, it’s a rich ocean full of different things to see.”