Video Viral

By Jack Williams

This is the heart-stopping moment a car travelling down an interstate suddenly burst into flames, engulfing the vehicle.

The intense dashcam footage shows the car to the right of center suddenly ignite from the back, completely unexpected to the drive behind, Simit Patel.

Simit, 36, said the incident happened on the i285 in Dunwoody, Georgia, on June 26, 2017 – though his footage only recently received attention when he decided to upload it to social media channels and a Reddit discussion.

Unsure what caused the explosion, Simit said he has heard theories that have ranged from fuel to power steering fluid.

Simit, from near Atlanta, Georgia, USA, said: “People are impressed with how quickly it exploded.

PIC BY SIMIT PATEL / CATERS – Car bursting into flames on interstate.

“My main concern was to try and stay calm, although it was a scary event and there was instantly adrenaline pumping.

“I was trying to pull over and stay within sight of the car.”

Adding to the stunning footage Simit was able to capture, his wife, Palak Patel, just so happened to be travelling one minute behind.

Her dashcam footage shows the vehicle completely covered in flames, parked on the hard shoulder.

The pair later checked to see if those involved in the incident were unharmed.

The night of the incident Dunwood PD tweeted that there had been no injuries.

Simit said: “My wife’s car which was only a minute behind.

“You can see how quickly the whole car is engulfed.”