By Jamie Smith

What a thirsty red squirrel this is!

The little rascal can be seen climbing up to a public tap and quenching its thirst.

Pic by Julian Rad/Caters News

But the squirrel even managed to turn on the tap and help himself.

Wildlife photographer Julian Rad captured the rebel taking a drink in a park in Vienna, Austria.

Julian, 26, said: “Near my home there is a public park with wooded area where many red squirrels live.

Pic by Julian Rad/Caters News

“At the edge of the forest there is a water faucet which is used by the gardeners to water the flowers.

“Every now and then a squirrel appears to take a drink from it.

“In the summer, when the temperatures rise, the squirrels are around the water faucet to satisfy their thirst.”