Animals Video

By Kate Gill

Watch a newborn turtle battle against the odds and swim out to sea from beneath the water’s surface.

Wildlife cameraman Shazaad Kasmanim, 38, filmed the adorable turtle hatchlings in the North Coast of Mombasa, Kenya unusually crawl across the beach in daylight.

Pic by Shazaad Kasmai / Caters News

Shazaad follows an endangered green sea turtle from its first signs of movement as it climbs from its nest to battling through waves thrashing down on its shell.

Shazaad said: “Nesting sites are becoming increasingly rarer due to garbage and plastic waste being washed on shore and also due to the development of housing and resorts along the beaches.

“The adult females are finding it harder to lay their eggs in their breeding grounds.

Pic by Shazaad Kasmai / Caters News

“It is indeed a very special moment and a privilege to witness one of the most beloved marine animals come into this world and begin their difficult life journey out at sea.

“Friends cannot get enough of watching these cute little turtle babies flap their way across the beach into the water, they find it cute and also educational.

Pic by Shazaad Kasmai / Caters News

“The moment turtle hatchlings dig their way out of their underground nests in the beach sand, they move as fast as possible trying to reach the water due to the numerous dangers on the beach.

“Depending on the tide this can take about two minutes and one has to be very fast and prepared to capture a special moment such as this on camera.”