Animals Video

By Kate Gill

A snake nut bravely rescued a snake twice the size of him from an oncoming car before kissing it on the head.

In a pulse-raising video Nick Bishop, 27, who goes by the name of Nick The Wrangler stumbled upon more than he was bargaining for in the Florida Everglades, USA.

Pic by Nick the Wrangler/Caters News

Nick made the journey from his home in Los Angeles with a friend specifically to find snakes but he could not have dreamt of such an encounter with a 13 ft python.

Nick said: “I was with my friend and we were cruising a dirt road on a mission to find Diamondback Rattlesnakes and at the very end of the night a large black log like shadow stretched out across the road. I instantly knew it was a Python.

“But I had no clue that they have ventured that far until then. I was 30 or so miles away from where everyone has been finding them, including myself.

“I was shocked! With a vehicle approaching from the distance I had to act fast.

“In this video you see me working the snake, trying to tire it out. As soon as I knew it was safe for the capture I went for it.

“This was one of my most exciting moments to date. I am so grateful to have been able to experience such an encounter. Mother Nature was definitely rewarding me.

Pic by Nick the Wrangler/Caters News

“She even responded right after I gave the Python a kiss with a nice lightning bolt that lit up the clouds behind me!

“Burmese Pythons are very invasive in the state of Florida. They are destroying the ecosystem.

“Due to their large numbers and ability to breed and lay large clutches of eggs, they have worked their way to nearly the top of the food chain in the Everglades.

“After the Python was captured she was later handed over to the University.

“Follow @nickthewrangler for more information.”