Offbeat Video

By Kate Gill

A suspected thief was scared off from taking a motorbike when the owner confronted him with a gun in shocking CCTV footage.

Brave Peter Kim was alerted to the drama on his security camera and immediately opened his front door to find a stranger on his bike.

Trained in martial arts, Peter grabbed his pistol and stood up to the man on his bike who made a run for it while apologising.

Peter  from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania said: “My camera notifies me about some movement in the back lot. Took a look and realised its not my cousin on my motorcycle.

“Grabbed my gun, put the clip in, and loaded a bullet into the chamber. I ran downstairs and checked through the peephole to make sure again and that’s when I saw him still trying to steal my bike.

“With no hesitation I pulled the gun on him and asked him who he was but not in those words. I saw he was reacting so I went to load a bullet in the chamber and realised mid way I had already cocked the gun back when I grabbed it.

“But the thief thought I was ready to shoot which I was prepared to but did not intend to.

“As I was reaching for the slide the thief ran off saying he was just looking which the video clearly shows he attempted to steal the bike twice.

“The first time he had a bag with him and scoped out the area and tried to move the bike.

“He then went home to drop off his bag and came back for a second attempt which was when I woke up.

“If i’d been dressed properly I would’ve gone round the back and forced the culprit to the floor as I’m trained in Mixed Martial Arts and know how to defend myself.

“But Peter thought twice before going after the suspect after realising he was wearing pink underwear and didn’t want his neighbours to see.

“I have not seen the thief since the incident. Laws here in Pennsylvania only allow you to shoot if you feel you are in imminent danger and I didn’t feel as if i was but if he comes back he may regret it.”