Offbeat Video

By Mikey Jones

This bird is a professional hitchhiker.

After hailing a driver down at the side of the road, the goshawk climbed on to the roof to enjoy the ride.

Digging his predatory claws into the roof of the car, he perched happily on top of the vehicle as it raced along.

The freeriding bird was filmed by nature guide Peter Koen as he drove through the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in South Africa to collect his brother from hospital in Namibia.

PIC BY Extreme Nature Tours / CATERS NEWS

Peter, a 37-year-old co-owner of Extreme Nature Tours, said: “It was a really unique and unexpected event.

“My friend and I were driving through the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park when we saw this juvenile pale chanting goshawk perched next to the road.

“I stopped next to it and for about five minutes and viewed and photographed it.

“Then as I drove off I saw it fly up and in my rear view mirror I could see that it was trying to land on the roof of the car.

“So I stopped, gave it a couple of seconds then opened the sunroof and peered out and started filming. Sure enough there he was.

“He seemed comfortable enough so I thought I would drive along and see what he did.

“He stayed comfortably standing there, only losing balance now and then which he corrected with his wings and resettled.

“Eventually over a big bump he lost balance too much and flew off.

“We were left stunned by what we had just seen as I have never in 20 years guiding seen or heard about anything like this.

“I have no doubt it is a first and last time occurrence!

“My thoughts at the time were of total disbelief and I was very happy to be filming it.

“It was well worth the scratches left on the car.”