Life Video

By David Aspinall

This pregnant woman suffered a hilarious meltdown when she spotted her favourite chocolate bar in a store.

Rachel Wardell, 25, could not control her tears of happiness as she passed the Symphony bars in her local Smith’s shop in Pleasant Grove, Utah, USA, on February 11.

While husband Jason, also 25, asked her why she is crying, the 25-week-long pregnant mum-to-be tells him she ‘just really loves Symphony bars’.

As Rachel turns away to grab some other candy, Jason asks her how they make her feel, and with tears streaming down her face she replies ‘so happy’.

Jason said: “I couldn’t stop laughing.

“I had a feeling it was hormones, if it wasn’t I guess I would have hoped she would laugh as well.

“Looking back on it, Rachel laughs at some parts and then cringes at others.

“She admits that it was pregnancy hormones and asked me the other day ‘Is that how I really acted’?”

The couple – who married in August 2015 – were out shopping for sweets for the children that they teach when the breakdown began.


Jason said: “This is the first time Rachel has broken down over something so random.

“Besides this melt down, she’s been very put together this whole pregnancy.

“She told me later that as soon as she saw those Symphony chocolate bars a rush of memories and emotions just hit her.

“After that I was determined to walk out of the store with a chocolate bar and we did.

“I’ve never seen her so happy.”

The parents-to-be are expecting their baby boy in May after having previously had some complications.

Jason said: “We feel so completely blessed and honoured now to have the opportunity to become parents.

“Even if it comes with hormonal melt downs and Symphony binges, we are happy and enjoying the ride.”