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Adorable video from Newfoundland, Canada, has captured an unlikely bond developing between a baby squirrel and a pet cat.

The video of Skittles the cat was captured by Laurie Pinksen while visiting their family cabin.

“Our cats name is Skittles. She is a very gentle cat and has always been around small children and babies,” said Laurie.

Like many other cats, Skittles enjoys roaming the neighbourhood and is often seen playing with children.

Another activity Skittles enjoys is bringing friends home.


“She has caught birds in the past, bought them to me, and gently laid them in my hands unharmed.

I imagine her saying here Mom, you can take care of this bird”.

Skittles latest encounter with an animal of a different species is a bit more special however.

This tiny furry friend came to her.

“I was in the kitchen unpacking when I noticed Skittles playing with something on the patio.

When I got a closer look I noticed it was a baby squirrel!”

Although shocked to see the two together, Laurie wasn’t worried because of skittles’ gentle nature.

Initially Skittles, not quite sure of what to think of the baby squirrel, was apprehensive.

Every time the squirrel came closer to snuggle with Skittles she would get up and walk away.


Eventually, Skittles warmed up to the little squirrel.

“I continued to let them play for hours- until after supper sometime! Then I bought the cat inside!”

After hours of snuggling together the bond between Skittles and her new friend was strong.

“Skittles and the squirrel continued to cry at the patio door for each other for a short time!”

The baby squirrel eventually left, with Laurie hoping it had gone to reunite with its mum.

When the baby came back a day later Laurie began to believe they had become more than just friends.

“The squirrel is back and they are playing again – this baby squirrel thinks my cat is its mum!”