Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

A paraglider who was ‘too eager to fly’ suffered a horror crash landing as he flew feet-first into a boulder.

Óli Sigdór Konráðsson, a plummer from Iceland, was trying to take off with his speed glider but did not have enough speed.

Instead of soaring into the skies he bumps straight back down to the

Pic from Caters News

ground before jamming his ankles directly into the rock.

Oli captured the horror flight with a camera mounted on his helmet.

The 29-year-old, who has been paragliding for two years and skydiving for four, was trying to take off at the popular Hafrafell mountain, eight miles from Reykjavik.

Oli said: “I was trying to footlaunch a speed glider, which is similar to a paraglider but much smaller and faster.

“The reason I crashed is because the hill was not steep enough and there was no headwind so there was barely any lift. But I was too eager to fly.

“I have crashed before, but this is the first time I have been hurt.

PIC FROM Telma Eldrun / Caters News

“My friend helped to get me to my car and drove I managed to drive the 20 minutes home, but when I got there my feet were so swollen and the pain was so bad I could not walk.

“My girlfriend had to drive me to the hospital in Reykjavik.

After waiting in hospital for five hours and undergoing a scan, doctors told Oli that he had sprained his ankles.

He was forced to stay in bed for two weeks, and by the third week was allowed to move around on crutches.

Oli said: “I was very surprised and happy I had not broken any bones.

“The pain I experienced was not as bad as you might think. I believe the adrenaline helped me out on this one.

“I am actually still recovering, but am able to work a few hours a day.

“Once I am fully fit the first thing I will do is get back to flying but I have learned my lesson after this accident.”