Animals Video

By Katy Gill

This curious elephant certainly isn’t camera shy.

After spotting a GoPro lying on the ground the young bull decides to stand front and centre for the lens.

After a long pause, he then decides to investigate the object further.

Dangling his trunk over the camera to give it a sniff, he proceeds to kick and flip the camera around before eventually moving off.


Safari guide Frank de Beer, 21, spotted the elephant grazing along a dry river bed in Hoedspruit Limpopo, South Africa, and managed to plant the GoPro in its path.

Frank said: “I purposefully set up the camera to film the elephant. If I have the opportunity I try and anticipate their movements.

“The elephant was feeding along a dry river bed, so I placed my GoPro where I thought he was most likely to go and got this incredible footage.

“The elephant was intrigued by the GoPro for about 30 minutes, but fortunately did not do any damage to it.

“At first he seemed really unsure of what this strange smelling object was. When an elephant swings out his front leg it means he is thinking.

“But then curiosity too over and he just had to try and figure out what it was. He was smelling it, picking it up and kicking it around.

“The elephant is probably in his mid 20s and definitely has not seen a GoPro before.

“He was only about half the size of some of the big mature bulls I have seen in the area.”